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Welcome to the West Mercia Scouts Winter World Tour!

Did you guess where Week Four was? That’s right! It’s the United Kingdom!

We’ve come right back home this week and we’re in a Paaartttyyy mood for Robert Baden-Powell’s Birthday! Get ready to celebrate by making cake in multiple different ways, trying some STEM Activities, doing some Craft in style and having a fun family night in!

Click an image below to see the activities for that country.

Week 4: United Kingdom
Week 3: America
Week 2: South Korea
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Week 1: Australia

How it Works

Every week you’ll find plenty of activities including STEM, craft, cooking and games, themed around or coming from a different country each week. You can do as many as the activities as you like – the most important thing is that you have fun and learn things doing them.

For most activities, there’s more than one option so do what suits you or come up with something new. You don’t need every piece of equipment, creativity and initiative are just as important. Activities will be available for all 8 weeks of the event, so there’s no rush to complete them.

You should take photos of you doing these activities. They’ll be needed as proof at the end of the event for badges and a certificate. We’d also love to see what you’re getting up to by posting in our private Facebook Group!

After completing some of the activities from a week, we would be very grateful if you can give us some feedback by clicking here.